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Name Description URL Location
Site Description
Location   Hits Out Hits In Stats
1Learn To Sew DVD Tutorial - Sewing made Easy  
Learn Clothing Alterations and how use the-Tools of the trade

United Kingdom
Buy online10 View Stats
Rowan Yarns
The best in hand knitting design

Buy online00 View Stats
Left In Stitches Inc.
One of the few contract sewing shops that specializes in working with small businesses and startup companies, we provide creative design and development from concept to production

United States
 00 View Stats
Lura's Fabric Shop
Great selection of camouflage fabric, denim, tricot, quilting fabrics and gadgets for hanging quilts and curtains.

United States
Buy online00 View Stats
The Sewphisticated Stitcher
We specialize in supplies for home and commercial embroiders. We offer premium quality Threads such as Madeira, Spectrum, Kinkame and Mettler. We also have a wide variety of stabilizers, sewing notions and embroidery designs, all at terrific below...

United States
Buy online00 View Stats
Indie DVD rentals as Low As $9.95 / Month
Views: 37147    Ads by <EastWest>
6Deja Vu Embroidery  
On the following pages you will find information on 'Deja Vu Embroidery'

 00 View Stats
Dye and dyeing, all you need to know! Dylon produces a wide range of dyes for fashion, interiors and craft, also fabric paints, pens, laundry aids and fabric care products

United Kingdom
 00 View Stats
8Crafts of Chadds Ford  
A place where Kids and adults beginners can learn to Sew , Craft, quilt, and fashion design, sewing contests, sewing information, sewing lessons, a sewing school, sewing novelties for sale, VERY EASY Sewing Kits for sale, FREE Patterns

United States
 00 View Stats
9Custom Sewing Done Especially For You  
Custom sewn products, specializing in leather

United States
 00 View Stats
10Fabric by Fabrem  
Fabric by Fabrem welcomes you to the premier drapery and upholstery home decorating web site

United States
Buy online00 View Stats
Save up to 85% on your books!
Views: 36906    Ads by <EastWest>
11Best Sewing and Vacuum Singer  
Quality products for Embroidery, Sewing & Quilting!

United States
Buy online00 View Stats
12Fabric mill  
Sells many fabrics, quilt and sewing tips as well

United States
Buy online00 View Stats
13Creek Creations  
Sewing and embroidery supplies and designs

Buy online00 View Stats
Haberdashery Sewing and Craft Supplies Online Shop - Buttons, Ribbon, Sewing Needles, Elastic and much more. UK Shipping Only 2.00

United Kingdom
 00 View Stats
15Popular Patchwork - the total online Patchworking resource  
Patchwork and Quilitng resource

United Kingdom
 00 View Stats
Wellness Infrared Sauna by Verseo
Views: 37400    Ads by <EastWest>
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ACDSee Foto-Manager 12
Views: 37225    Ads by <EastWest>
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Camera Repair All Major Camera Manufacturers
Views: 37600    Ads by <EastWest>
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Buy a set of four and get $50 value back.
Views: 36601    Ads by <EastWest>
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Preview The Exclusive Louis L'Amour Collection
Views: 37123    Ads by <EastWest>
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Mega Hit Movies for $5.99 Only at DVDPlanet!
Views: 36540    Ads by <EastWest>
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great durability
Views: 37595    Ads by <EastWest>
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Shop at eBags.com
Views: 39762    Ads by <EastWest>
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GrayBan - Restore your hair's natural color
Views: 37114    Ads by <EastWest>
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Shop at eBags.com
Views: 36921    Ads by <EastWest>
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Flowering Bulbs
Views: 36565    Ads by <EastWest>
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