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Site Description
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Barnsdale Gardens
Barnsdale Gardens are the creation of Geoff Hamilton, Britains best loved television gardener and presenter of BBC TV's Gardener's World weekly gardening programme, which Geoff presented from his home at Barnsdale in Rutland

United Kingdom
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BBC -Gardening
Look up detailed information about 1,000s of plants using our searchable database. You'll find descriptions of the plants and tips about growing them

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3British Trees  
The British Trees web site was created by Bill Unsworth at the end of 1994. At that time Bill was in the process of setting up an Internet Service Provider called U-NET Limited which was created to exploit the potential of the Internet by providing..

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Discovering Annuals
Dedicated to hardy annuals, half-hardy annuals, biennials and seed-raised bedding plants of all kinds. The site highlights Graham Rice's latest book, Discovering Annuals, published in separate editions both in Britain and the United States in spri

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Flower Web
Flower Web

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David Brill truly wants to enable people to return to a healthy state. He is willing to help his clients with whatever need they have. He wishes to hear all their concerns to better set goals and get to the core of their issues, rather than only...

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7Postcode Plants Database  
This database is based on a 10x10 kilometre grid square system, which is a standard format for recording biological distribution data. The entire area of the UK (except the Channel Islands) is divided into 3,259 grid squares. Dots are used to indicat

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The biggest and best bulb site on the Web

North Wales
United Kingdom
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9The Rosarian  
The Rosarian, a site devoted to roses and the gardeners who cultivate them. This site offers a compendium of the various resources at GardenWeb related to roses. If you'd like to hear about updates be sure to sign up for our mailing list

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10British Wildflower Plants  
We are one of the largest providers of Wildflower plants in the UK and can cater for all your domestic and commercial needs

United Kingdom
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Views: 36802    Ads by <EastWest>
The Biggest Name In Little Gardens

United States
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12Weird and Wonderful Plant Co  
Weird and Wonderful plants for your garden by mail order online - specialists in rare, dramatic, uncommon, old-fashioned varieties of hardy plants, violas, aquilegias, grasses, herbaceous perennials

United Kingdom
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13Philadelphia Houseplant Wholesalers  
1000's of healthy houseplants at LOW! LOW! prices

United States
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14Garden Centres Leicestershire  
Garden Centres Leicestershire is Leicestershire's leading garden centres specialist

United Kingdom
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15Scented Geraniums  
Living natural fragrance for home and garden

Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
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Selling your textbooks has never been easier
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16Jackson's Nurseries  
Jackson's Online Garden Centre and Plant Nursery is committed to offering a massive selection of garden plants and gardening items online at very competitive prices

United Kingdom
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A Better Selection at a Better Price!
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Make photo books quickly and easily
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Love Scent Pheromone Products
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Slim Weight Patch
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Buy New Textbooks for the Price of Used
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