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Site Description
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1Dale Joinery  
Dale have a national network of merchants through which we are able to guarantee the level of service and supply that you and all of our customers demand in the prevailing market place

United Kingdom
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Find a quality recommended professional in your area. You agree the quote with the trade professional of your choice

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The website for Employers and Job Seekers in the Building and Construction Industry

United Kingdom
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Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers
One of the City's Ancient Livery Companies

United Kingdom
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Beckfords Art Works
Laurence Beckford is a Master craftsman specialising in new work and restoration in wood and stone as well as lettering and gilding. Beckfords Art Works are experienced in Ecclesiastical work and can provide project management services

United Kingdom
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Views: 39617    Ads by <EastWest>
6Property Repair EDINBURGH  
Property Repair are an All Trades Property Maintenance company based in Edinburgh - Electricians, Joiners, Plasterers, Plumbers, Painters, Decorators, Tilers, Floor Layers, etc

United Kingdom
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7Tradesmen Recommended  
The aim of Tradesmen Recommended is to help property owners in the UK find reliable and skilled trades people for their repair & improvement projects for FREE. Tradesmen Recommended will also help building trades people advertise their services to...

United Kingdom
Interactive00 View Stats
Specialist labour supplier of English speaking tradesmen

United Kingdom
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9RR Joinery  
RR Joinery, based in Staines Middlesex offer custom & architectural joinery services to industry, commerce and the general public; incorporating design, manufacturing, finishing & installation for both one off and large batch contracts

United Kingdom
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10Property Repair Ltd  
At Property Repair Ltd we provide the Complete All Trades Property Repair Service, all under one roof. We are a One-Stop Shop based in Edinburgh, Quality Workmanship and Customer Care are our Main Priorities

United Kingdom
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Views: 37069    Ads by <EastWest>
11Property Repair Ltd  
Property Repair Ltd ~ All Trades Contracts ~ Fire & Flood Damage Restoration Specialists, Edinburgh Electricians, Edinburgh Plasterers, Edinburgh Plumbers, Edinburgh Property Repair Specialists, Edinburgh Tilers...

United Kingdom
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12Fine Finisher  
Custom made, high standard wood work, quality of work that has been forgotten in this country since some time. I actually used this company in my house, The owner, Mr Smith is a great professional, highly recommended!!

United Kingdom
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13Advance Joinery  
Oak Flooring - Advance Joinery conceive, design, construct and fit bespoke timber doors, oak flooring, windows and stairs conservatories

United Kingdom
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Request a Free Catalog from B&B Electronics
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TuneStar - unbegrenzt MP3s
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Save up to 85% on your books!
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Flowering Bulbs
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Sonos Wireless Music Player
Views: 36719    Ads by <EastWest>
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Wellness Infrared Sauna by Verseo
Views: 37400    Ads by <EastWest>
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Preview The Exclusive Louis L'Amour Collection
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great durability
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