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Name Description URL Location
Site Description
Location   Hits Out Hits In Stats
1Thomas Brothers  
We are a family owned Funeral Directors in Redditch serving North Worcestershire and the West Midlands

United Kingdom
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Co-operative Funeral Service
This site is intended as a guide to arranging a funeral. Each funeral is unique, so we recommend that when you are ready, you speak to someone who can help you with specific arrangements

United Kingdom
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3AW Blair & Sons Funeral Directors  
24-hour Service - AW Blair & Sons are an Ayrshire based firm of Independent Family Funeral Directors providing the services of Monumental Sculptors and Funeral Pre-planning

United Kingdom
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4Cremation Association of North America  
Cremation Association of North America

United States
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5Funeral Service Association of Canada  
Committed to the enhancement of the funeral profession by providing national leadership, effective partnerships, continuing education and public awareness

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CICIC: Foreign-trained funeral directors and embalmers in Canada

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7AFSRB - Alberta Funeral Homes  
The Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory board licenses funeral businesses, funeral directors, embalmers and pre-need funeral salespeople. The Board also sets educational standards, monitors performance standards and investigates consumer complaints

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8Funeral Planning Directory  
Canadian Business Directory List - Society Funeral Planning

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9Ridley Funeral Home Ltd.  
Ridley Funeral Home has been a family owned funeral home since 1921 and is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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10Board of Funeral Services  
Board of Funeral Services / Conseil des services funéraires

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Daniel Smith Fine Quality Artists' Materials
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11Toronto and District Funeral Directors, Inc.  
Toronto and District Funeral Directors, Inc.

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12Funeral Planning in Advance  
Serving Toronto, ON. Canada, north to Wasaga Beach, east to Ajax

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13Memorial Woodlands  
Memorial Woodlands provide a funeral directing and funeral planning service, covering all aspects of funeral services in Bristol. The leading woodland green burial services, we offer a dignified, quality funeral operation

United Kingdom
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14Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors  
Independent family funeral firm with branches in Chelmsford, South Woodham Ferrers, and Burnham-on-Crouch

East Anglia
United Kingdom
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15Harold H. Leese Funeral Directors  
Harold H. Leese (A. Boulton & Sons), independent Funeral Directors

Stoke on Trent
United Kingdom
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16Gaulds Funeral Directors  
Independent family business offering complete traditional funeral services

United Kingdom
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17Hicks Bothers Funeral Directors  
Funeral directors offering three types of funeral plans

United Kingdom
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18Funeral Director UK  
Lists funeral directors offering funeral services and arrangements, including flowers, pet memorials, poems, coffins, and caskets

United Kingdom
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19Funeral Planning Services  
National company serving independent funeral directors whose clients wish to pre-pay for their funerals

United Kingdom
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20UK Funeral Guide  
Funeral Guide and Directory of all funeral directors and monumental masons

United Kingdom
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