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Name Description URL Location
Site Description
Location   Hits Out Hits In Stats
1The Pink Giraffe  
The Pink Giraffe Chinese Restaurant in Oxford serves a mixture of traditional Chinese dishes with a wide variety of vegetarian and Soya meat dishes - Located in the centre of Oxford, it is a must visit after a hard days shopping and sight seeing

United Kingdom
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2Корпоратив в Кемерово. Организация свадеб и праздников  
Для Вас корпоратив в городе Кемерово - организация свадеб. Отпраздновать юбилей, свадьбу, корпоратив, день рождение в ресторане в Кемерово! Нарядный, просторный и уютный банкетный зал создаст незабываемую обстановку. Ждем Вас!!!

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3 , , .  
Internet , , . : , , . , .

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4Japaneese Food & Restuarant Guide  
Here we want you to experience the styles of both traditional and home-made Japanese cuisine, and benefit from hints and tips to help brighten up your dinner table

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Chi Chinese Restaurant and Takeaway
Chi Chinese Cuisine provide a comfortable restaurant with a warm, friendly atmosphere that can seat up to 60 people. The exquisite setting and delicious food in lively environment are guaranteed to provide a relaxing evening

United Kingdom
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6Mandarin Chinese Restuarant  
Whatever your occasion, whether you are dining as one or one hundred, we have the perfect setting and some of the finest Peking and Cantonese cuisine Liverpool has to offer

United Kingdom
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7North-Sea Chinese Restaurant  
North-Sea Chinese Restaurant, the home of Chinese Cooking. Monday - Thursday 6-11.30pm, Friday & Saturday

United Kingdom
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8Wings Cottage Restaurant  
Wings Cottage Restaurant is the premier outlet for Chinese food in Rushmoor and the Blackwater Valley

United Kingdom
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9Ming Chinese Restaurant  
Ming Chinese Restaurant - Fine peking cuisine, traditional chinese food, curries and english fayre

United Kingdom
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10Chloe's Chinese Restaurant  
The very best of what Chinese Cuisine has to offer. Prepared by Chinese chefs and beautifully served by Chinese waitresses in red cheongsams the diner will enjoy dishes from the best culinary regions of China, Szechuan, Canton & Beijing

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11Yang Sing  
Yang Sing - the most prestigious Cantonese restaurant in Europe, serving a wide range of authentic oriental dishes to suit all palates. The Yang Sing is situated in the heart of Manchester's china town

United Kingdom
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12Mirage Chinese Restaurant  
The Oasis is the only hotel in Manchester with a Chinese restaurant. You can sample the finest authentic Chinese cuisine from our extensive menu including set dinner, banquet, or а la carte

United Kingdom
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13The Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant  
Probably the most established Chinese restaurant in Liverpool, serving customers since 1965. Dine with us and find out just how important friendly service and good value are to us

United Kingdom
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14Golden Phoenix Restauran Liverpool  
One of the best established family friendly Chinese restaurants in Liverpool. Check our website for genuinely special offers!

United Kingdom
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15Ming Restaurants  
Ever since we first opened our doors in December 2001, MING’s enchanting ambience combined with the most impeccable service, has steadily attracted food enthusiasts, not only from the New Jersey but also from various neighboring states

New Jersey
United States
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16Great Wall Restaurant  
A top notch Chinese restaurant and takeaway service with an online ordering system. A real bonus on top of their traditional Chinese menu is the fusion menu — a cross over between eastern and western cuisine resulting in some delicious exclusive dish

United Kingdom
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17Mr Chans Chinese Restaurant  
Mr Chans Chinese Restaurant

United Kingdom
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18Maysum Restaurant  
The city's largest 'eat as much as you want' buffet restaurant,situated opposite Lime Street Station and adjacent to the city's historic St Georges...

United Kingdom
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An exclusive place for authentic Thai and Chinese cuisine

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20So China  
Restaurant / bar / venue

United Kingdom
Interactive00 View Stats
Views: 36797    Ads by <EastWest>
21HK Diner  
We are situated right in the Heart of Chinatown, this restaurant is always bustling and full of atmosphere, a favourite amongst the critics and the stars, and its the place to be seen eating the finest Chinese cuisine

United Kingdom
Interactive00 View Stats
22New Hong Kong Cantonese Restaurant  
One of the prestige restaurant in the heart Manchester's Chinatown, serving wide varieties of freshly made dim sums and authentic cantonese cuisines.Specialise in large party bookings

United Kingdom
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Internetmenu - Chinese restuarants / takeaways in the Midlands area

United Kingdom
Interactive00 View Stats
24Crown Palace  
Crown Palace believes that variety is the keystone of a great meal. Our menu offers culinary creations from the major regions of China: Canto, Szechwan, Vegetarian as well as our unique specialties...

British Columbia
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25China Garden Restaurant  
Offers Haka style Chinese food

Interactive00 View Stats
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Daniel Smith Fine Quality Artists' Materials
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