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Department of Trade & Industry
Our aim is to secure an efficient market in the construction industry, with innovative UK firms successfully meeting the needs of clients and society while being competitive at home and abroad.

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Construction Industry Training Board
CITB delivers products and programmes through a national network of staff based in regional offices. CITB works in partnership with local colleges, Regional Development Agencies, the LSC, schools and others so that national policies meet local needs

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Federation of Master Builders
The leading employers' trade association in the UK building industry with some 15,000 members. Membership requires a builder prove that they offer suitably high standards of working practice and business methods

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FairTrades has been providing consumers with a safe place to find reputable businesses for 18 years. We're passionate about what we do and how we do it.

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National House-Building Council
Te NHBC is the independent regulator and standards setter for the new homes industry. Our aim is to help the house-building industry construct good quality new homes which meet the reasonable expectations of home buyers.

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great durability
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6Association of Building Engineers  
Professional body for those specialising in the technology of building

United Kingdom
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7British Wood Preservation and Damp Proofing Assoc.  
Premier trade body for British timber and building preservation industry. Damp, timber decay, fire protection. Information on members and their services and lists of members

United Kingdom
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8The Chartered Institute of Housing  
The Chartered Institute of Housing is the professional body for people working in housing. Our purpose is to take a leading role in encouraging and promoting the provision and management of good quality, affordable housing for all

United Kingdom
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9The National Federation of Roofing Contractors  
The National Federation of Roofing Contractors, the largest and most comprehensive on-line roofing information service in the UK and the Republic of Ireland

United Kingdom
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10Architecture & Surveying Institute  
The ASI, Architecture and Surveying Institute based in Chippenham UK. The Institute provides a common forum for Architects, Surveyors and certain Engineers

United Kingdom
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11Goldtrowel Plastering Organisation  
Whatever your interest is in plastering, a career in plastering, or diy then you have come to the right place

United Kingdom
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12Hawk and Trowel Plastering Centre  
All of our courses will take place in our purpose built training facilities based in East Sussex. Our qualified trainer who has 20 years experience will carry out all training. Whatever your interest in Plastering, whether it be adding to existing sk

East Sussex
United Kingdom
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13KEN Building Materials Inc.  
Export distributor of Canadian building products to Japan. Includes a gallery of homes and a catalogue of products

British Columbia
Interactive00 View Stats
14Engineering Directory  
Engineering Directory India

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15A1 Precision Engineers  
CNC Machining, Punching, Laser Marking, Metalwork, Assembly from Bristol Engineering Company based in UK

United Kingdom
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Views: 39334    Ads by <EastWest>
16Pioneer Resource  
For Independent Property Investors, Developers and Self-Builders

United Kingdom
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17Building Inspection Marketing Network  
Building Inspection Marketing Website! This page is dedicated to those in the inspection industry who sell inspections and inspection services. Our message board is the only one of it's kind, so use it to it's fullest

United States
Interactive00 View Stats
18Construction & Building  
The central topic of this site is consruction and building. Here you will find great number of articles about architecture and design, various materials and equipment

United States
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19Sale of marble fireplaces and manufacturing of wooden houses  
The Nirgos Company specializes in construction and building wooden cottage, manufacturing wooden doors, solid exclusive wooden furniture and sale orthopedic mattresses and bed frames.

Cayman Islands
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Preview The Exclusive Louis L'Amour Collection
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Live plants, Instant Gardens & Grass Seed
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Camera Repair All Major Camera Manufacturers
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Click here for discounted Textbooks
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