Our Mission


Is to create a No Fuss Internet directory showing you the best sites the Internet has to offer.

   We have created this site to help people, like ourselves, who have experienced difficulty in finding the good web sites on the Internet in amongst all the less useful ones.
Generally a particular web site is either accessed by knowing the web site address (through advertising or recommendation), or by using a search engine.
Advertising is fine; but it is only marketing, so therefore not independent.
Recommendations are better, but there's no indication that you are being recommended THE best site.
The problem with search engines is the amount of information they provide. Be too specific with your search criteria & you get no results; or too vague and you get pages to wade through, which you give up reading after the first couple.
This site has been created to give you the top 100 sites. 

We make sure these are up to date by a monthly monitoring of the Hits Out (the amount of times someone has been connected to a specific site by clicking on the URL in our Active Matrix.) 
By using this information the ten least popular sites are removed and replaced by a new ten. 
The ten new sites are sourced from you via the Suggest a site system, which can be found at the bottom of any Matrix. (We will accept a referral for a site, which has previously been removed from the matrix.) If less than ten URLs are recommended we will select the remainder ourselves. All acceptable referred sites will be entered onto the relevant Matrix, but please be patient as there may be a short delay before you see your referral added. Please help us by sending in all your favourite web sites.

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