How passion-4 works

The web site Matrix is Active, and updates every 30 minutes. It positions the most popular web site at the top and the least at the bottom, defined by the number of Hits In and Hits Out, each web site receives. 
Each month the site is updated, the 10 least popular web sites are removed and replaced with new web sites either you have recommended through our Suggest site system or we have found during our constant scouring of the web, to bring you the best it has to offer. The hit counters are reset, all web sites are placed in alphabetical order within the matrix and the ranking process starts again. 

We charge no fee to place web sites on our Active Matrix, so please feel free to recommend your favourite sites or even to recommend new categories. 
To recommend web sites for our matrix please use the Suggest site system, which can be found, at the bottom of any Matrix. 
To recommend new categories email us at 
We do not promise to publish all categories suggested, but will try our hardest to fulfill your needs. 
Our directory contains no 'Adult Only Sites' since it is designed for the entire family to use. 

How to use passion-4 
So imagine you're looking for the best Carpet site on the web: first click the 'C' Tab on the tool bar located at the top of the page, which would take you to all the 'C Categories'. Amongst them would be a description for carpets, click on this & it would take you to the 'Carpet Active Matrix' which lists the top 100 carpet web sites. Clicking on any one of the URLs in this Active Matrix takes you directly to that web site.
Note: The category description in FULL CAPITALS indicates that they are category in them selves.


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