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Rank Site Description Location   Hits Out Hits In Stats
1Extra-Class Language Center.   http://www.learnrussian.ru  An Emerald Creditation
Extra-Class Language Center in St. Petersburg www.LearnRussian.ru - Intensive Russian Language Courses in Russia at all levels all year around. Business Russian, Russian Culture, Mass-Media, Teachers' training!
Russia 31 A Jewel Site - View Stats
2Emerson College, England   http://www.emerson.org.uk
Well designed overview of arts-based college for adults
Internet 30 View Stats
3National Institute of Adult Continuing Education   http://www.niace.org.uk
The leading non-governmental organisation
Internet 30 View Stats
Fit Slim Trim.com
An interactive web site fitslimtrim.com, based on Health & Fitness having lot of material, products and programs for individual institutions & corporates.
Worldwide 30 View Stats
5Northern College for Residential Education   http://www.northern.ac.uk
Residential adult courses
Internet 20 View Stats
6Legal Knowledge Courses Distance Learning   http://uk.geocities.com/cmswan@btinternet.com/legalcourses.index.html.htm
Providers of Legal Knowledge courses on English Law
Dorset 20 View Stats
7Department for Education & Skills   http://www.dfee.gov.uk/adlearners
Government site for adult learners
Internet 20 View Stats
8Universities Association for Continuing Learning   http://www.uace.org.uk
Covers a wide range of courses and institutions across the UK
Internet 20 View Stats
9Universities UK   http://www.universitiesuk.ac.uk
Range of adult education professionals from universities across the UK
Internet 00 View Stats
10Learn Direct   http://www.learndirect.co.uk
Online learning opportunities - study at home or at one of our nationwide network of learning centres
Internet 00 View Stats
11Scottish University fo Industry   http://www.scottishufi.co.uk
Focuses on good practice and promotes Scottish education
Internet 00 View Stats
12Centre for Continuing Education   http://www.merseyworld.com/cce
Lists courses and facilities using plain language
Internet 00 View Stats
13Textile Centre of Excellence   http://www.textile-training.com
Guide to vocational courses at a leading industry institution
Internet 00 View Stats
14CGtell   http://www.cgtell.info
Tenants Exploring Lifelong Learning
Nationwide-UKInteractive00 View Stats
15Office of Part-Time Education   http://www.leeds.ac.uk/opted
Home of part-time Undergraduate
Leeds 00 View Stats
16School of Education   http://www.bham.ac.uk/PACE
A new School of Education was formed August 2001, following the merger of The School for Professional and Continuing Education, the existing School of Education and the University of Birmingham, Westhill. Bringing together expertise and complementary
Birmingham 00 View Stats
17Lifelong Learning   http://www.lifelonglearning.co.uk
Government site promoting and encouraging education which discusses latest issues
Internet 00 View Stats
18South Bank University   http://www.sbu.ac.uk/-face
Aimed at lecturers and policy makers, looks at current issues in education
Internet 00 View Stats
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1Extra-Class Language Center.12/30/0411Centre for Continuing Education05/09/02
2Legal Knowledge Courses Distance Learning11/25/0412National Institute of Adult Continuing Education05/09/02
3CGtell07/27/0413Northern College for Residential Education05/09/02
4Fit Slim Trim.com12/08/0214South Bank University05/09/02
5Office of Part-Time Education05/09/0215Scottish University fo Industry05/09/02
6Learn Direct05/09/0216Textile Centre of Excellence05/09/02
7School of Education05/09/0217Universities Association for Continuing Learning05/09/02
8Department for Education & Skills05/09/0218Universities UK05/09/02
9Emerson College, England05/09/0219
10Lifelong Learning05/09/0220

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